Applications I Use On MacOS, iOS, iPadOS, and WatchOS

This post was last updated 12/30/2020.


MacOS powers my iMac Pro workstation and M1 MacBook Pro notebook. I essentially run the same suite of applications on both devices. Here are the apps (excluding those already built into MacOS) that enable my workflow:


Here are the applications (excluding those build into iOS/iPadOS) I use on my iPad Pro and iPhone devices listed by their folder categories. Keep in mind that some apps are only compatible with the iPhone and others only with the iPad.

  • Main Screen: Bookends, Dark Sky, EchoTools, Fantastical, Home+, Instagram, MyFitnessPal, Personal Capital, Tesla, YouTube, YouTube TV, WhatsApp
  • Buy & Explore: Amazon, JetBlue, Lyft, METRO TRIP, Sky Guide, Starbucks, Uber
  • Games: Among Us, FROST, Hungry Shark, LIMBO, Alto’s Odyssey, The Room – Old Sins
  • Google: Analytics, Assistant, Drive, Gboard, Google Photos, Google Wifi, PhotoScan, Voice
  • Medical: 3D Medical Complete Heart, AutoSleep, Butterfly iQ, Doximity, Figure 1, MDCalc, MOCA Minute, UpToDate
  • Photo & Video: Afterlight, Layout, mematic, Phonto, Pixelmator, Plex, Vidstitch, Vont
  • Productivity: Fidelity, GoodNotes, Hestan Cue, NetBenefits, Office, PDF Expert, Peloton, Webex Meet
  • Social: 23andMe, Facebook Business Suite, Discord, Facebook, LinkedIn, Messenger, Twitter, YT Studio
  • Utilities: Authy, Bitwarden, Bank of America, Jump Desktop, NordVPN, RoboKiller, Scanner Pro, Shazam

On my bottom bar, I have Phone, Messages, Chrome, and Spotify.


My Apple Watch Series 6 has the following Infograph layout. The included complications are as follows: Dark Sky, World Clock, Fantastical, Spotify, AutoSleep, Home+, Activity, and Watch for Tesla.

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  1. Is an Apple Pencil worth it? Considering that or a “remarkable” tablet. Accountant by trade and looking for something to streamline my usual multiple yellow pads.

    1. I’d say so! Personally I prefer typing my notes (things that I’d usually put on stickies or scribble in a notebook), but the Apple Pencil helps me draw diagrams for my trainees and to share online. It’s what allows me to use my iPad in the manner that I intend to – as an interactive teaching/note-taking tool.

  2. Thoughts on the security/privacy concerns using Spark as your mobile email client?

    Totally unrelated, but who do you use for email/web/ftp hosting?


    1. Hey Andrew! I admittedly forgot to remove that from my iOS/iPadOS list. Ever since I (recently) switched to Postbox for my Windows/MacOS computers, I also transitioned away from Spark in favor of the Gmail app. I figure Google already has to my data, so at least I’m not extending my data elsewhere.

      I use SiteGround (referral link) as my web/FTP host. For email, I was grandfathered into Google’s G Suite (from Google Apps for your Domain back in the late 2000s).

  3. Strictly out of curiosity Rishi, is there any particular reason that you use Google Chrome over any other web browser that is out there? You’re a lot more technology savvy than I am so it made me curious as to whether or not there was a certain reason you would choose one over another. In terms of your other apps, I too use and although I found that it worked quite well, it seemed to drastically reduce my battery life on my iPhone.

    1. Hey Adam! I use Chrome on all of my devices for several reasons:

      1.) It’s the most widely used browser, and being derived from the open source Chromium project, there is PLENTY of development in terms of user interface, security, features, etc.
      2.) I can easily synchronize my bookmarks across all devices, regardless of operating system (MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, and iPadOS in my case).
      3.) In Google, I trust. Simple as that. 🙂

      I haven’t really had a reason to switch to other browsers, so I’m sticking with Chrome!

      1. One other comment/question I wanted to make Rishi is that your desktop setup is one of my favorite ones that I’ve seen up to date. I was wondering if sometime in the future you could do an article regarding where you purchased everything needed and as well as any advice you had for people (or) first time buyers who are looking build up a desktop setup that is similar to your own. As with anything in life there’s a correct way and an incorrect way to do things. With that being said input from someone such as yourself who has the knowledge and who can also speak in layman’s terms would be far easier to understand than reading a very technologically literate post published by a tech magazine.

        Great content Rishi, I look forward to reading more.

        Thank You!

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