I’ve compiled a list (excluding core MacOS and iOS applications) of the essential software that drives my workflow as a physician and tech nerd.

This post was last updated 10/1/2019.


MacOS Mojave powers my workhorse desktop (dubbed “Odin“) as well as my MacBook Pro (dubbed “Leviathan”). I essentially run the same suite of applications on both devices, but use Odin for more processor/GPU intense tasks like rendering, gaming, and XCode simulators. Here are the applications I routinely use that are not already built into MacOS:


iPad Pro with Apple Pencil 2

My iPhone XS Max and iPad Pro are running iOS 13. Here are the applications I use on both devices listed by their folder categories. Keep in mind that some apps are only compatible with the iPhone and others only with the iPad. I’ve also excluded applications that are built into the core of iOS.

  • Main Screen: Bookends, Dark Sky, EchoTools, Fantastical, Instagram, PDF Expert, Tesla, YouTube
  • Buy & Explore: Amazon, DoorDash, Groupon, GrubHub, JetBlue, Lyft, OpenTable, Sky Guide, Uber
  • Games: FROST, Hungry Shark, LIMBO, Alto’s Odyssey, The Room – Old Sins
  • Google: Analytics, Drive, Gboard, Google, Google Home, Google Maps, Google Photos, Google Wifi, PhotoScan, Voice
  • Medical: 3D Medical Complete Heart, AutoSleep, Butterfly iQ, Doximity, Figure 1, MDCalc, MOCA Minute, UpToDate
  • Photo & Video: Afterlight, Layout, mematic, Phonto, Pixelmator, Plex, Vidstitch, Vont
  • Productivity: GoodNotes, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, My Cloud, Robinhood
  • Social: 23andMe, Facebook, Facebook Page, IGTV, LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp, YT Studio
  • Utilities: Authy, Bitwarden, Bank of America, Jump Desktop, Scanner Pro, Shazam,, Direct Energy, Sony Headphones, RoboKiller

On my bottom bar, I have my four most accessed apps – Phone, Messages, Chrome, and Spotify.

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