Spinn Coffee Review

I love coffee. ☕️

During my undergraduate years, my family owned a coffee house where I often worked as a barista with my younger brother. It was at that time I fell in love with sampling different kinds of coffee beans, grinds, water temperature, pour rates, etc. Once I started my medical training, I settled for mainly drip coffee; however, the techie side of me was intrigued by the Spinn Coffee machine earlier this year. I ordered it in January and just received the unit last week!

Spinn grinds whole beans, heats filtered water, and extracts the coffee goodness by spinning (hence the name?) the coffee grounds. I was impressed with the appearance of the device, ease of cleaning the parts (the machine self-cleans too!), and the touch interface. I synced it up to my iPhone via the free app, threw some beans in the hopper, and tried my first cup today. Pretty neat that the grounds are super dry and can be recycled as fertilizer.

I drink my coffee black. If I had to summarize my first impression in a single word – smooth. 🙂

Here are some pictures!

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