Welcome to the support and feedback page for EchoTools – a free iOS application intended for echocardiographers. This application unifies my interests in echocardiography, programming, and medical education. I started coding this app off-and-on when I was a fellow in 2018. Although I’m still learning how to program in Swift by trial-and-error, I’m using this opportunity to help consolidate point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) videos, cardiac anatomic metrics, valve lesion grading criteria, etc., into a single application using Apple’s latest Xcode and Swift elements.

Please leave me feedback, recommendations, and glitches you face in the comments section below! Keep in mind that I make no promises that any or all bugs will be addressed, nor do I guarantee the accuracy of the data in the app (although I try my VERY best). Furthermore, EchoTools should NOT be used as a substitute for a licensed echocardiographer’s final interpretation. If you’re interested in the references I used, check out the “About” tab from within the app.

Thank you for checking out my app! 🙂


If you’d like to contribute an echo video clip to EchoTools with a teaching vignette, contact me for more information with the case! You’ll get full credit for the contribution. 🙂


3.6Oct 6, 2021– Added: Carcinoid tricuspid valve, diaphragm M-mode POCUS, and abnormal bubble study videos
– Updated: TAPSE and tricuspid regurgitation images
3.5Sep 8, 2021– Added: References section (with sections for equations and links)
– Added: Separate sections for “About” – Author, Changelog, Contribute, Disclaimer & Terms, and References
– Added: Images for PI jet and RA minor axis
– Updated: Tab bar and social media iconsTBD
3.4Jul 24, 2021– Added: Initial dark mode framework
– Added: IJ clot video
3.3Jul 18, 2021– Added: Tendyne, left atrial myxoma, and sinus of Valsalva fistula videos
– Added: Diastolic flow reversal for AI
– Updated: standardization of images
3.2Jun 7, 2021– Added: Systolic anterior motion (SAM), transseptal puncture, secundum ASD, bubble study, and LV/RV strain videos
3.1May 5, 2021– Added: 3D aortic valve, type A dissection, pericardial effusion/tamponade videos
– Added: App Store review system
– Updated: Attributed String implementation
3.0Apr 5, 2021– Added: Prosthetic Tricuspid Valves
– Updated: Haptic touch links
– Updated: UI tweaks
2.9Apr 4, 2021– Updated: 2D TEE descriptions
2.8Mar 10, 2021– Added: Lung B lines video
– Added: Pulmonary vein profile for MR
2.7Jan 11, 2021– Added: Bladder POCUS video
– Added: Femoral vascular video
– Updated: Increased text sizes
2.6Dec 4, 2020– Added: Cardiac POCUS descriptions
2.5Nov 3, 2020– Added: Peripheral Nerve Block POCUS (EPS and supraclavicular blocks)
2.4Sep 3, 2020– Added: Mitral valve area, PISA, and pressure half-time for mitral stenosis
– Added: 3D mitral valve with color flow video
2.3Aug 31, 2020– Added: Video section for POCUS
– Added: Morison’s pouch video
2.2Aug 27, 2020– Updated: New EchoTools app icon and Videos tab icon
– Updated: Added color to the tab bar
2.1Aug 15, 2020– Added: Videos of right atrial clot, wall motion abnormalities, and 3D mitral valve with Philips TrueVue rendering
2.0Jul 13, 2020– Updated: LV size/function criteria
1.9Jul 6, 2020– Added: MitraClip interventional procedure (with 3D video clip), pleural effusion, SVC syndrome, and TGA videos
– Updated: references
– Updated: app preview screenshots
1.8Jun 29, 2020– Updated: TEE/TTE video playback does not pause background music from other apps
1.7.xJun 18, 2020– Added: WATCHMAN procedure
– Updated: MR and TR severity images
1.6May 28, 2020– Added: LVAD inflow video
1.5May 21, 2020– Added: standard, 3D, interventional, and MCS sections to TEE videos
– Added: cardiac and lung sections to TTE videos
– Added: Trifecta, Epic, and Regent valves
– Added: a splash screen!
– Updated: separated TEE and TTE video clips
1.4Mar 16, 2020– Updated: video framework adjusted
– Updated: standardized some layout elements
1.3Nov 29, 2019– Added: framework for TEE/TTE video clips
1.2Nov 15, 2019– Added: Edwards Intuity aortic valve
– Added: Edwards Inspiris aortic valve
1.1Sep 11, 2019– Added: the UI now has some paint!
– Updated: app preview images
1.0May 27, 2019– Out of beta!
– Updated: adjusted framework to add images more easily in the future
0.9 betaMay 25, 2019– Updated: streamlined all images for a smaller app size
0.8 betaMay 6, 2019– Updated: app preview images
0.7 betaFeb 13, 2019– Added: TAVR valve section
– Updated: aortic/mitral prosthetic valve images
0.6 betaFeb 9, 2019– Added: images and citations
0.5 betaFeb 5, 2019– Added: valve images and references
0.4 betaDec 23, 2018– Updated: framework for images
0.3 betaSep 25, 2018– Bug fixes
0.2 betaSep 17, 2018– Updated: prosthetic aortic and mitral valve references
0.1 betaSep 10, 2018– Approved by App Store. EchoTools is now live!
Sep 9, 2018– Submitted to App Store


  1. I’m a recently graduated Navy anesthesiologist who loves this app! Especially the cool pathology you included. Very interested in pursuing fellowships in critical care or CT and your blog has definitely fueled this desire. Thanks for everything.

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