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Welcome to the support and feedback page for EchoTools – a free iOS application intended for echocardiographers. This application unifies my interests in echocardiography, programming, and medical education. Although I’m still learning how to program in Swift by trial-and-error, I’m using this opportunity to help consolidate cardiac anatomic metrics, valve lesion grading criteria, etc. into a single application using Apple’s latest Xcode and Swift elements.

Please leave me feedback, recommendations, and glitches you face in the comments section below! Keep in mind that I make no promises that any or all bugs will be addressed, nor do I guarantee the accuracy of the data in the app (although I try my VERY best). EchoTools should NOT be used as a substitute for a licensed echocardiographer’s final interpretation. If you’re interested in the references I used, check out the “About” tab from within the app.

Feedback, glitches, and suggestions can be left as comments below! Thank you for checking out my app! 🙂


  • 0.3 – bug fixes (9/25/18)
  • 0.2 – updated prosthetic aortic and mitral valve references (9/17/18)
  • 9/10/18 – approved by App Store
  • 9/9/18 – submitted to App Store

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