A collection of random things I’ve learned through my training

  • Rocuronium

    Rocuronium is an aminosteroid nondepolarizing neuromuscular junction blocker (NMJB) I routinely use to facilitate tracheal intubation. The name┬árocuronium comes from…

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  • Milrinone

    Milrinone (Primacor) is a phosphodiesterase 3 (PDE3) enzyme inhibitor I routinely use as an inodilator. That is, a drug which enhances…

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  • The Continuity Equation

    The continuity equation illustrates the conservation of energy. In the case of blood flow within the (normal) heart, volumetric flow…

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  • The Doppler Effect

    The Doppler effect refers to a shift in frequency perceived by an object in motion relative to the source of…

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  • Epiaortic Ultrasound (EAS)

    Today’s didactic lecture on epiaortic ultrasonography was given by one of my wonderful cardiothoracic anesthesiology attendings – Dr. Jeff Swanson.…

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