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How To Properly Use A Medical Translator

I took four years of Spanish in high school and consider myself to be more-than-conversational in the language, but when it comes to especially emotional topics like discussing abuse or suicidal ideations, I prefer to use a translator to ensure that I word everything appropriately.

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Depressive Disorders

Depression is the most common psych condition I’ve come across during my time at the Veterans Affairs hospital. It permeates all age groups and has etiologies ranging from the loss of a family member to uncertainty about the future; in spite of this tremendous variability, two things seem to always …

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Lessons from a Psych Patient

Today I had the esteemed privilege of interviewing a veteran in the psych clinic. I also had the rare experience of witnessing this prototypic American warrior — an individual trained to show no fear, experience no pain, and survive at all costs — break down and bawl uncontrollably at the …

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As part of our training, every health science student has to complete the objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) to assess our clinical competency by performing physical exams, neurological exams, taking histories, and presenting cases.

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Memory Disorder Patient

Today’s last lecture was a patient presentation by a neurologist from Methodist Hospital. The patient had a memory disorder which the class tried to discern based primarily on his medical history. We soon discovered he had Alzheimer’s disease.

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