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Finished With Psychiatry

The consult/liason psychiatry service at Ben Taub was pretty busy through June, but I worked well with my three incredibly awesome teammates to get the job done. 馃檪 The oral exam last Thursday was a friendly reminder of how short a 30 minute presentation really is – I felt like …

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The Biopsychosocial Model of Health and Illness

Tomorrow afternoon, the last 20% of my psychiatry rotation’s grade will be determined based on my ability to watch a 30 minute videotaped patient encounter, prepare a presentation, and then orally deliver the case with an accurate differential diagnosis and treatment plan.

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Last Day of Psych at the VA

At 4:45pm on Friday afternoon, I left the VA after four works of working in the outpatient psych clinic. I was privileged to have an extremely insightful and approachable attending who motivated me to grasp the basics of psychiatric diagnosis and treatment and empowered me to ask questions.

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Stated Age

Part of the psychiatric mental status exam (MSE) involves commenting on a patient’s physical appearance. Does the schizophrenic patient appear disheveled? Does the depressed patient still maintain his hygiene? While these are subjective assessments, I’m able to make them with confidence and accuracy.

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Insomnia and Sleep Hygiene

Sleep changes go hand in hand with common psychiatric conditions like depression and mania, but before jumping to drugs to help you catch some Z’s, psychiatrists try to understand an individual’s “sleep hygiene” – the personal habits and environment associated with sleeping.

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