ACLS Certification

Over the weekend, I completed my certification in CPR and advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) through the emergency medicine interest group at Baylor Med. In conventional CPR, you follow the C-A-B protocol: chest compressions, maintaining...

Cardiology Is Cool

While an echocardiogram (ECG) looks like a not-so-impressive barrage of waves on paper, it allows a cardiologist to gain a tremendous deal of insight about a patient's heart. The shape of certain waves and the...

Heart Dissection

Tuesday morning, my anatomy tankmates and I continued our journey through the human body. The next stop brought us to the heart - arguably the most important muscle in the entire body (aside from...

My First Stethoscope

I ordered my stethoscope from on July 6th, and it finally got delivered this evening. I now have my first official "doctor tool." I'm just a bit discouraged that I won't be using...

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