Tidbits of Renal Knowledge

Over the last month, I've picked up a lot of factoids on the renal consult service which I'd like to brain dump for future reference: When it comes to measuring proteinuria, a spot protein/creatinine ratio...

Renal Biopsies – Gloms And Stuff

"Glom" (a term we toss around on the renal service) refers to the glomerulus, a nephron's initial filtering component, which is often implicated in renal pathologies like multiple myeloma, amyloidosis, membranous disease, focal segmental...

Finished One Week Of Residency

The best part about working over the weekend (hah, what a grown-up thing to say) is that parking is easy, there aren't any conferences to pause workflow, and I have an excuse to eat...

Aldactone and Lasix in Cirrhosis

After all the patients I've seen with ascites secondary to hepatic cirrhosis, I wondered why we tend to start them on 100 mg Aldactone (spironolactone) with a 40 mg Lasix (furosemide) adjuvant. What's the...

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