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Android Saving Motorola

Ten years ago, Motorola’s strength in the technology market was well known. At some point, the Motorola RAZR was the phone everyone wanted – sleek, futuristic look… incredibly thin… something which had never been done with a clamshell phone before. With over 100 million handsets sold, it seemed that Motorola’s …

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iPhone 4 Connectivity Issues

Whether or not you own an iPhone 4, if you’re aware of the latest reviews, you know that many consumers are complaining about dropped calls and weaker signals compared to their iPhone 3G/3GS. Apple has basically replied with two responses – a.) you’re holding the phone “incorrectly” and b.) there’s …

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Assessing App Stores

In the mobile industry, access to an “app store” has become the hallmark of any modern smartphone; however I’ve never understood how one can assess the quality of one app store over another by sheer volume. Apple’s App Store has well over 100,000 apps (with over two billion downloads), yet …

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