Finished With Internal Medicine Wards – Forever!

April 30th was my last day of internal medicine wards forever, and I can now see the proverbial light at the end of the intern year tunnel. The last day was topped off by a great team dinner at Pasha and some reflection.

While I’m excited to be done with wards, they’re easily the rotations where I’ve learned the most. I’ve acquired knowledge (and patience) when treating everything from vague URI symptoms to metastatic cancer. Experience is irreplaceable in medicine, so having the opportunity to care for such diverse patient problems has only just begun to solidify my diagnosis and management skills.

And now a few pictures as I left wards for the last time.

Night float break room – note the Nintendo 64 with Turok!


Mocha Frappachino
Cheesy pic while writing progress notes


Now for a month in our level 1 trauma center’s ER!

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