First 10 Days Of VA Medicine Wards

Ten days into this rotation, and the struggle is real! It’s difficult to really spend as much time as I’d like with patients, teach medical students, or even teach myself when I’m balancing the plans for 8-10 patients. I’ve definitely improved my efficiency in the last few days, and our census is currently *extremely* manageable, but we’re admitting eight patients today, so it’s back to the proverbial grind.

I’m fortunate to have a former med school classmate as a co-intern, a tremendously kind and patient upper-level resident, and a wonderful attending who empowers the team to develop thoughtful inpatient and follow-up treatment plans. Couple this with some lucky breaks (we have THE best case manager and IMTC) plus some awesome students, and this most feared month of intern year has been quite manageable.

The main corridor (right) is apparently one of the longest hallways in a federal building.
A small sample of Medicine Team C’s growing pile of sustenance – the envy of all!

Time to head to work to “pre-round” on my patients before admitting new ones. Have a great weekend! 🙂

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