Baylor College of Medicine and Rice University Merger?

Has anyone heard about the possible merger between BCM, one of the only stand-alone medical schools in the country, and Rice University? Imagine that harmony in the heart of the Texas Medical Center. Private university + private medical school = lots of reputability and funding. Both institutions would benefit tremendously! 😀

At this point, BCM is my main focus. To think that it lost one of its main teaching hospitals (Methodist) and that it currently has some financial problems in funding its new hospital is kind of depressing; however, this merger could quickly resolve that. Rice and BCM already have a lot of collaboration in terms of research and academics (MD/Ph.D. program, Medical Scholars program, etc.), but a formal unification would only augment the realm of possibilities. It sounds like a match made in heaven, but I can only imagine how competitive and biased admissions will become. BCM already accepts so many Rice undergrad students, and in the event that both institutions merge, Rice students will have even more of an edge on the competition when applying to BCM.

…why can’t I just get the acceptance phone call? 😐

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  1. Well, I can only say that BCM and RICE have always been merged, but this is only to make it official. As far as Med School admissions, BCM always favored Rice undergrads on the down low but after making this thing official, they can just do it by calling it affiliation. Anyways, this only makes it worse for us non-rice pre-meds; however, if you become part of the BCM family, then it benefits you just as much. Since I was part of BCM family before, I would like to share a thought. That is, Rice Undergrads had a lot going on with BCM since they are like next door neighbors. For example, when I worked at BCM, most of my undergrad colleagues were from RICE, only because they could walk over between classes and were more beneficial to the labs then anyone else. BCM would offer many research opportunities to Rice students; whereas, we have to search months to get one of those spots. Well bottom line is that RICE and BCM are bonded in a GAY marriage, and I don’t like it. Making this affiliation official will only allow BCM to openly do things it always did. BUT! If you get into BCM for Med School then this affiliation will surely be very beneficial to everyone in BCM.

  2. Yeah, I heard about it on 94.5 the Buzz and I wanted to cry. lol
    I always wanted to go to Rice and ended up at a Baptist convent. =(
    I think the merger will help both institutions, but like you said, now all those little fish going to Rice are gonna be even more inclined to go to BCM. Kinda like when Baylor students had a direct transfer to BCM back in the day.


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