Who Left The Water Running?

For the July 4th weekend, my family decided to take a brief vacation to Niagara Falls. Why? Because the airfare was free, the hotel was free, and the drive from Detroit to Buffalo was free. Yes, I’m South Asian afterall. 😀 Don’t worry though. The souvenirs and food are ridiculously expensive up there. 🙁

So we left Houston to meet up with my dad in Detroit on Thursday. From Detroit, we crossed the border into Windsor, Canada and then had a four hour drive to the Embassy Suites at Niagara Falls. The next day, we toured the falls on the Maid of the Mist and explored several other features of the area, namely the hydroelectric power plant, the whirlpool, and some historical sites. Truth be told, I was rather skeptical about even going on this trip. Afterall, what’s so special about a bunch of water falling off the edge of a cliff? But once I saw it for myself, the sight was truly something majestic.

I put together a brief video with some clips I gathered on my soaked digital camera. They were taken on the Maid of the Mist tour.

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