22nd Birthday

21 was a great age for me. I got into my dream medical school, earned a lot of money in the stock market, made some new friends at Baylor Med, etc. Thanks to everyone for their wishes! 🙂

Today was an exceptionally dull birthday spent mostly driving around Houston. Around 11 AM, I embarked on a journey to one of the family businesses to resolve a networking issue with one of the computers. The trip was a success, though it took 90 miles of driving and roughly three hours. Then this evening, my dad (who had just flown in this morning) was notified at the last minute that he needed to fly out to Baton Rouge. After another 100 miles (round trip) and two hours of driving, I’m sitting here writing this post. 🙂

I guess it could’ve been worse. 😀 I’m looking forward to getting back to school for block 2 – cardiology, respiratory, and renal (CRR). Could a 22 year old sound more nerdy? 😉

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