Tracy McGrady – Wait… Isn’t He Injured?

For the last few seasons, it seems like the only thing Houston Rockets fans could count on was T-Mac missing significant portions of the season. Whether he injures his forefinger, his back, his knee, or some other appendage we haven’t even discovered yet, McGrady is the definition of a benchwarmer – unfortunately, a very expensive benchwarmer.

The NBA is a business, and just as in any business, when the product (basketball entertainment) fails to be delivered by its employees (the NBA players), the clients (NBA fans) will voice their opinions. So is the case with McGrady’s attitude towards the game as of late. We all remember other athletes sucking up their ailments and fighting through (MJ’s memorable play-off performance against the Jazz with stomach poisoning comes to mind). T-Mac much rather reap the millions of his contract by… well… doing nothing.

I remember a Rockets fan holding up a sign at one of the home games which read:

I work everyday. Why can’t you, T-Mac?

I understand that professional athletes get injured. I understand that it sometimes takes weeks to recover after surgery. But from what history has shown, I also understand that Tracy McGrady lacks the “fire” which drove so many other players through their injuries.

He is now scheduled to undergo surgery on his left knee and be out for the remainder of the season. Great. Maybe Houston fans will realize the discrepancy between his commitment/skills and how much his contract is worth.

I love players like Scola, Wafer, Battier, and Artest. They give a 100% every single game, and hopefully with McGrady out, the rest of the players will continue to gel together. If you ask me, Yao is still too much of a sissy. Watching Shaq in the All-Star game should remind everyone what a “dominant center” is supposed to look like. Even after all these years, Yao doesn’t have it. And with McGrady out… so much for the Rockets’ 1-2 punch.

Okay, that’s enough ranting. Truth be told, I could care less if the Rockets lost every single remaining game… as long as Dikembe plays every one of those games. Watching Deke play is like watching Van Gogh paint. It’s beautiful. It’s elegant. It’s majestic. And most importantly, it’s hilarious. Rock on, Mount Mutombo!

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