NBA All Star Weekend 2009

Since the Houston Rockets have been having trouble beating anyone as of late, I’m glad the much anticipated NBA All Star Weekend didn’t fail me as well. Would Jason Kapono three-peat his 3-point shootout title? What crazy dunk would Dwight Howard conjure up this year? And of course, my favorite – what implications would having Shaq and Kobe play together under Phil Jackson have for the Western All Stars (and the media, for that matter)?

As I mentioned before, I’m happy with the way things turned out. Shaq and Kobe being named Co-MVPs of last night’s game. The Sprite Slam Dunk Contest becoming more of a superhero movie between Nate Robinson and Dwight Howard. Shaq and the Jabberwockees giving a hilarious pre-game performance. LeBron giving his intent to participate in next year’s dunk contest (as well as a preview right at the tail end of the All Star game). It was all great. 🙂 My only grievance was the first half of the All Star game. Seriously, when did defense become part of the game plan? Both teams were so defensive-minded in the first two quarters, so there wasn’t much room for the outlandish dunks and ridiculous passes we’re accustomed to seeing each year. The game was enjoyable nevertheless, and as expected, the West clobbered the East.

What did everyone enjoy the most about the All Star weekend?

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