Alabama Spring Break

I got back last night from an amazing Spring Break trip in Alabama, the bulk of which was spent on the beach at Gulf Shores walking along the shoreline, enjoying the full moon and stars, playing sports, building a sand castle, digging a really REALLY big ditch, and making a fire for s’mores.

Roughly twenty-five of my classmates rented out two beach houses for the week and thoroughly enjoyed our brief time away from school. We went to an outlet mall and walked out with lighter wallets. We realized just how many groceries it takes to feed a household of hungry medical students. We grilled, cooked, and baked. We swam, kayaked, fished, and biked. We hunted for fire wood. We violated traffic laws. We sunburned. We watched movies, House, and Glee. We played card games. We played drinking games. We played card games which involve drinking.

Yeah, we did a lot of stuff together, and it was great! I feel like I finally got to know my classmates better outside of the medical school environment.

So with my batteries recharged, it’s time to get focused for block 6! 🙂

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