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Beginning Pulmonary Critical Care

Well it’s time to start my sixth month of residency – pulmonary critical care (PCCS)! I enjoyed spending some time with my parents over Thanksgiving break and had a chance to wrap up a presentation for the first morning report of the month tomorrow! I also reviewed some basics about mechanical ventilation, electrolyte derangements, vasopressors, and volume management while watching my beloved Texans get handed their tenth consecutive loss. Bleh. 馃檨

The upcoming month on PCCS will be challenging in terms of hours, patient load, and the severity of diseases; however, it should also be a great chance to get some procedures under my belt. Bronchoscopies, thoracenteses, paracenteses, arterial lines, and central lines are likely all fair game depending on how vigilant I am about pursuing those opportunities. These are all skills which will be invaluable as an anesthesiologist, so I’m looking forward to getting my feet wet!

I just set my alarm for 4:00am (and 4:10, and 4:15). Break time is over. I hate the first day on a new rotation. 馃槸


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