Dwight Howard To The Rockets!

Rising from the ashes of a Los Angeles Lakers organization torn apart by injuries and, to a certain extent, Jim Buss’ stubbornness, the Houston Rockets have acquired Dwight Howard. Mike D’Antoni’s offensive style simply didn’t utilize Howard in the capacity that, say, Phil Jackson’s triangle could have. And now he’s a member of the youngest team in the NBA filled with talent from Harden to Parsons!

Sure, we waived Delfino and Brooks, but managed to retain Parsons, Asik, Lin, Harden, and now acquired Howard without a sign-and-trade. What a great (likely) starting lineup! A coach like McHale, arguably one of the best power forwards to play the game, coupled with a healthy Howard, one of the best active centers in the league… just wow! I can totally see our offense being centered around “inside-out” play as well as the pick-and-roll game. Either way, “In (Daryl) Morey, I trust.”

Any thoughts for or against the acquisition of Howard? Do the Rockets become contenders for the western conference championship?

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  1. hmm you forgot to mention!! he will get coached by quite possible the GREATEST center to ever play the game. we all know who that is.


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