First Day Of Residency

I’m currently writing this post while sprawled on my bed in a haze. My first day of residency is over, and while it wasn’t bad, introducing myself as “Dr. Kumar” to patients just sounds… weird. Couple that with not having to have my notes/orders “cosigned” by anyone… carrying several pagers… and fielding consults… wow. I’m definitely not a med student anymore. 😀

Here’s a picture of me right before beginning my first shift as a resident. I was doing what any other nerdy guy would do to quiet the “gastric butterflies” of patient care – play Team Fortress 2 as a medic. 😀

In all sincerity, I’m thrilled to have such an awesome team; they’ve been so helpful as I get reacclimated with the not-so-modern EMR by writing notes and placing orders. As always and above all else, we’re privileged to have such wonderful patients to learn from.

As a side note, my first day off is two weeks from now. No more major holidays (July 4th) or weekends off.

I miss recess and nap time. 🙂

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  1. This blog is a treasure find! I will be attending BCM in Fall 2014 ( I was in a HS to med school acceptance prog) and this blog will sufficiently sustain my excitement for the next year! 🙂 What I’m curious about is, I read somewhere that you took a year off before entering med school. I’m in the same boat. I graduated early but cant matriculate until the four years are complete. Im debating between travelling and research at MD Anderson. Im just worried that after a year of no-studying, will I be able to get in the groove before med school starts? How was your experience?

    • Congrats on finishing early, Angela!! After graduating from college, I took a year off to apply to med school and teach MCAT prep courses for Princeton Review. I was accepted to BCM in December that year and advised “just to relax” for six months before starting med school… and so I did, haha. I spent some time traveling, TA-ing a few labs at my undergrad, and doing part-time research.

      BCM does a wonderful job of easing MS1s into the curriculum, regardless of your background. Some of my peers were outside the classroom environment for 5+ yrs before starting, but we all found our grooves at some point.

      My advice is to do whatever makes you happy – research, traveling, picking up a new hobby, whatever! The worst thing you can do is try to study for med school ahead of time. There will be plenty of time to learn the material. =)


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