First Week of Medicine Sub-I

I almost forgot how rigorous hospital medicine can be, but being back on the wards has been a much-needed reminder why I went into this profession. It’s also fun watching the MS2s (who just started clinical rotations a week ago!) present patients on rounds; it feels like yesterday when I was presenting the brand name of the glucometer and testing strips. 😆 Then I was taught the hallmark of any good presentation: know more than you write and write more than you say. Never the less, they’re doing remarkably well getting accustomed to the clinical scene.

As a core student, I never got a strong grasp of the varying levels of care, but since I’m discharging patients as a sub-I, placement becomes an important thing to consider in advance. Working with the clinical case manager and social worker, I’ve grown more familiar with identifying the needs of patients and finding facilities which will meet said needs. Truth be told, it wouldn’t hurt to read more about placement for any health professional.

Out of the eight medicine teams, guess which team’s admission day happens to fall on MLK Jr. Day (an official BCM holiday)? Yeah, another day off in the month. 🙂 Although I better enjoy it because these “random days off” simply won’t exist… for the rest of my career.

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