Brooks Launch 3 Shoes

I’ve been a Nike fan my whole life but owned a pair of Eccos to wear around the hospital as a medical student. I loved those shoes, but they were a little too “formal” for my liking and ultimately fell apart over a year ago. I began wearing my old basketball shoes from 2009 which actually held up fairly well but just weren’t suitable for hours of standing. These shoes also began coming apart in the last month.

The Brooks brand came highly recommended by colleagues and are advertised as a “comfortable, lightweight, flexible trainer” running shoe. I bought a pair of Launch 3s (~$100) yesterday, and after a day of use, I’m in love with them!

Brooks Launch 3 shoes

The only drawback to their incredible feel is that the top areas are not water proof. Since they’re running shoes, they were created with various meshes for improved ventilation during activity. Might need to start wearing shoe covers… or get comfortable cleaning off blood, urine, orogastric contents, and respiratory secretions. Hopefully this doesn’t become an issue. 😀

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