Houston Flood 2016

Just under a year ago, Houston experienced several days of downpours resulting in floods all over the city. In the last day, many parts of the city received over a foot of rainfall. The bayous are overfilled, the ground is saturated, and more rain is expected tomorrow. 😯

I got to the hospital around 5:30 AM to set up my operating room and prepare for lecture. It was a ghost town! So many attendings, nurses, techs, trainees and ancillary staff were simply flooded in. Ultimately, all outpatient surgeries were cancelled for the day unless the patients somehow managed to arrive to the hospital before 8:00 AM.

Things dried up a little this afternoon, so I took a stroll through Hermann Park and was reminded why Houston is known as the “Bayou City.” At least the bluebonnets are out! 🙂

Brays Bayou

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