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Boston’s First Snow 2017

Having lived in Texas for my entire life, snow was hard to come by. Our version of snow started in the sky and became water when it made contact with the ground. Boston's first snow was this weekend, and to say I was overcome with joy is an…

Houston Flood 2016

Just under a year ago, Houston experienced several days of downpours resulting in floods all over the city. In the last day, many parts of the city received over a foot of rainfall. The bayous are overfilled, the ground is saturated, and…

Tropical Storm Bill

It's 5 AM, and I'm watching a torrential downpour outside my window. The outer bands of tropical storm Bill have already arrived and will certainly make today full of rainfall, flooding, and possible tornadoes.

Houston Floods 2015

The last few days have been filled with torrential downpours throughout much of Houston. Unfortunately, at least five lives were lost amidst the flooding. Freeways are under water. Bayous are still overwhelmed. And just when we think the…