Apple Smart Keyboard Versus Logitech Create iPad Pro Keyboard

I’ve had Apple’s Smart Keyboard for the last several months on my iPad Pro 9.7”. It’s innovative fabric design and slim profile significantly boosted my productivity with the tablet. Unfortunately, it excluded some of the key features I was looking for: rear coverage for the iPad, backlit keyboard, function keys, and a place to store my Apple Pencil. Enter the Logitech Create – a keyboard which includes ALL of the aforementioned features without sacrificing on things the Apple Smart Keyboard did right (like using the proprietary “smart connector” interface).

I love the feedback of the Create’s keyboard keys as well as its fabric exterior which resists bumps and spills. The Create also has a neat way of housing the Apple Pencil behind the iPad when not in use. The only obvious drawback when compared to the Apple Smart Keyboard is that the Create weighs more… but that’s what you get when you provide additional coverage. I’ll take it to enjoy the additional productivity. 🙂

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