Google WiFi Mesh Networking

Before leaving for Boston, I wanted to upgrade my parents’ outdated wireless network. For years, we had been using a really old Apple Airport Extreme with Airport Express module to “extend” the wireless network. Unfortunately, the hardware just could not support broadcasting a strong signal across a 7,200 square foot household.

Enter the Google WiFi mesh system. I purchased the three-pack from Best Buy (along with a 2 year warranty plan for $20), and literally within ten minutes, I had configured all three wifi points using the Google Wifi app on my smartphone – the same app I use to manage my Google OnHub router in my apartment.

The new network is incredibly fast with excellent signal strength around the house. Additionally, with the Wifi app, I can run diagnostics on the network even when I’m away in Boston. It took another few minutes to set up a static IP on the main server, open up a few ports for virtual networking and remote access, and bam… all done! Definitely think this was a worthwhile investment. 🙂

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