The Internet has become the backbone of entertainment, communication, education, business, and security. However, with the rise of social media in the early 2000s, individuals could now take the “high school bullying” phenomenon to a grander scale via cyber bullying. Through comments, direct messages, etc., anyone could say anything for any reason. Insult how someone looks? Check. Create a plethora of anonymous accounts to bully an individual? Check. Spread information to the impressionable masses without any credibility? Check.

It says a lot about society when people are so insecure that they need to hide behind a veil of anonymity in order to criticize others. These bullies feed off of strife, enjoy generating anger, and often times display their ignorance and narrow-mindedness with unrefined arguments and childish tactics. I really question their purpose in life while pitying them in the interim.

This isn’t about people “needing to grow thick skin.” How is that even an appropriate rebuttal when many of these instigators wouldn’t have the gall to say these things in person? It’s just not right! I know too many people (myself included) who have been subjected to them, but I’m reminded of the saying:


Do – not – let – strangers – influence – you. They’re not your family. They don’t shelter you. They don’t feed you. They don’t comfort you. They don’t love you. Do not let them influence you. Their judgment and opinions are meaningless, and quite frankly, life is too short to let such people ruin your happiness with their delusions and hatred.

Be the better, more mature person by laughing and moving on.

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