Eero Max 7 Wi-Fi 7 Router

I upgraded my Eero Pro 6E router to the Eero Max 7 Wi-Fi 7 router yesterday to take advantage of the 10 GbE connectivity of my network-attached storage (NAS) and Mac Studio – the machines I use the most. Although I own no Wi-Fi-7-capable devices and live in a 1,000-square-foot apartment… I wanted a new toy. 🤓

The four ethernet ports on the Eero Max are connected to my network as follows:

I run a Docker instance of Speedtest Tracker on my NAS, which runs speed test checks against Ookla’s service. The following image makes it easy to tell when my prior Eero 6E was upgraded to the Eero Max. 🙂

Download speeds went from ~940 Mbps to ~1400 Mbps – nearly a 50% increase for my main workstation and homelab! Having a Wi-Fi 7 infrastructure also helps with future-proofing!

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