Farewell, BMW Z4!

Today is a day of great sadness – I finally got rid of the BMW. Although I’ve had my Tesla for over a month (and absolutely LOVE it), the Z4 had so much sentimental value over the 15+ years I’ve had it. I learned so much about automotive engineering and do-it-yourself repairs over the years… sigh… I can’t believe it’s gone! I couldn’t help but take a long, joy drive in the Tesla to take my mind off of this loss. 🙁

Farewell, old friend, and thank you for the memories!

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  1. It’s so hard to say goodbye. Back in the day I had a the most beautiful1964 red, MG Midget convertible. It was love at first sight. I made some great memories in that car with my pals. It just wasn’t a practical “family” car. Goodbye to your beautiful, faithful friend. “She’s” off to making new memories with another lucky person❤️


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