WhatsApp Business With Google Voice Number

At the time of this writing, WhatsApp is the number one messaging app (followed by Facebook Messenger). With Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp merging messaging services in the future, I wanted to create a separate WhatsApp Business account just for my social media related endeavors.

Google Voice is a digital service providing text messaging, voice, and call forwarding to Google users who can register a number for free. Considering that (almost) everyone has a Google account these days, it’s as simple as visiting voice.google.com to set up your number, installing WhatsApp Business, and then using that phone number during the registration process. Through the Google Voice web interface, you can access text messages and make phone calls through the phone number you elected during initial registration.

So what about spam messages and phone calls through the Google Voice app? Well, for one, no solution is 100% effective; however, it helps that I don’t actually have the Google Voice app installed on my devices, so I don’t have to see any of the communication that goes through that route. Instead, I just use WhatsApp Business, and if I come across spam messages, it’s an easy block. 🙂

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