Getting Things Done (GTD) With Things

I’ve been using the Things 3 app as part of a “getting things done” (GTD) system designed to manage my work and personal tasks, projects, and responsibilities effectively. Developed by productivity guru David Allen, the core principles of GTD include capturing all tasks and ideas, clarifying their significance, organizing them into actionable items, reflecting on priorities, and engaging in tasks with a clear focus. Things 3 stands out for its sleek design, user-friendly interface, and seamless integration with the GTD methodology. Furthermore, it syncs across all my Apple devices for an efficient workflow.

I’ve divided my life into two “Areas” (Personal and Work) with several “Projects” under each. Within these projects, I create actionable tasks and tag them (< 15 are short tasks, Pending are things for a later date, @ Phone are tasks to be done on my phone, etc.)

On all of my devices’ desktops, I have two Things widgets – Inbox and Anytime. Generally, Inbox holds all of my ideas before I categorize them later. Anytime gives me an overview of all the tasks I’ve created.

On my iPhone 15 Pro Max, I’ve also created a custom Shortcuts action menu (linked to the programmable Action Button. When I activate “Create To-Do,” I can dictate a new task that automatically ends up in my Things 3 Inbox. Check it out in the screen recording.

My journey to optimal productivity is ongoing, and I regularly revisit and refine my system to adapt to the ever-changing demands of my career. This year, I might use the “Today” view in Things 3 to prioritize tasks I want to finish the same day.

Drop me a comment on how you keep your tasks organized!

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