Personalize Your Comments With Gravatars

Gravatars, or globally recognized avatars, serve as a method to personalize your comments on numerous sites throughout the Internet (including this one). If you browse through some of my previous posts which have comments, you’ll see my own gravatar listed next to the text. The process of setting up a gravatar takes less than five minutes, so if you’re a frequent commentator, I recommend you do this! It’ll give a “face” to your comment, so others can identify you by more than just your name. 🙂

  1. Visit the gravatar website.
  2. Register the same e-mail address you use when you post a comment.
  3. Check your e-mail inbox and click on the confirmation link.
  4. Select a picture from a website or upload your own picture. You can resize the image and/or crop it on the gravatar website.
  5. You’re done! Now just wait for the gravatar servers to cache your image and distribute it.

Hope to see more gravatars around the site! 🙂

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  1. I remember you mentioning that a while ago. So you’ve verified your login, added a picture, etc. but it *still* doesn’t work? What rating is your gravatar? (G, R, etc.)


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