BMW Z4 HID Conversion Kit

This morning, I received an HID (high intensity discharge) conversion kit for my roadster, and I must say, it was a fantastic investment. I found a reason to try out the new headlights tonight, and not only did I see the unlit portions of the Grand Parkway like never before, but I was able to test the amount of beam scattering. Lucky for me, my previous halogen bulbs were housed in a really nice set of projectors, so the HIDs produced a sharp beam with very little glare towards oncoming traffic.

If you’re interested in the brand name, it was an MTEC HID conversion kit (bulb type – H7, temperature – 6000K). The kit and installation costed ~$250.

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  1. Nice blog. I hope the information above will help you in your shopping for an HID kit or xenon lights for your vehicle.


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