Kobe Bryant vs. LeBron James

The Lakers just snapped the Cavalier’s 23 home game winning streak in a 101-91 defeat. Neither LeBron James nor Kobe Bryant had a stellar performance, but this was still a highly anticipated game between the two super-stars. Arguably, Bryant and James are the two best players in the league, so naturally the question is – “which one is better?”

Personally, I believe in the team aspect of basketball. While Kobe has matured significantly since his early days in the NBA, LeBron was amazingly mature for a high schooler upon entering the league. While Kobe is more of an offensive machine who occasionally gets his team involved, LeBron’s strength is primarily in the latter.

Now don’t get me wrong, if Kobe went one on one with LeBron, I think Kobe would win. Furthermore, I think the Lakers have a better chance of clinching the championship this year. However, LeBron is way more entertaining to watch. 🙂

Which of the two do you think is “better”, and why?

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  1. Who’s the better player? Kobe and it’s not close. But you aren’t answering your own question. You say LeBron is much more fun to watch. OK…that could be true. It depends on what you like. Do you enjoy pure basketball skills including an amazing amount of in-the-lane creativity? Or do you more enjoy an athletic freak? Kobe is a pure basketball player and has every skill any young basketball player could ever desire. LeBron is an athletic frreak moreso than a basketball player. So…are you a basketball purist or do you enjoy the Top 10 plays of the day? I’m a purist so Kobe’s my guy every day of the week.

    • I admitted that Kobe could probably beat LeBron one-on-one and referenced my support for the “team” aspect of basketball being far more important to me. I’m sorry if I didn’t make it clear, but I’m definitely a LeBron fan. Top 10 plays aside, this season alone, he has averaged more points, rebounds, and assists than Kobe. You would think that by averaging more points, his assists would be compromised, but since he is a better all-round player, his statistics speak for themselves.


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