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I was analyzing my Woopra site statistics over the past month, and much to my satisfaction, only 30.18% of my viewers use a flavor of Internet Explorer (IE). This is music to my ears! In fact, the Worldwide Web Consortium data shows that Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera have all been picking up steam across the Internet. 🙂 Thanks to all of you who have replaced IE with one of the latter options!

So why am I so anti-IE? Because it’s the worst freakin’ browser from a developer’s standpoint, from an optimization standpoint, from a security standpoint, from an extensibility standpoint… heh, I’ll stop there before I say something mean. 😉

With reference to one of my previous posts, I once again implore you to find it in yourself, oh humble IE user, to make the switch. If you still need a concrete reason to justify the transition, consider this. On the Acid3, a test which assesses a browser’s Javascript rendering abilty as well as an assortment of other web standards, the new version of IE 8.0 (still in the testing phase) received a lower score than the old version of Firefox (2.0). 

Please let me know if you need more reasons, have questions regarding what the transition to a new browser will mean for your bookmarks/favorite sites, which browsers I recommend for each operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux), etc.

Hope to see more of you finally make the switch! Visitor Browser Distribution from January 26, 2009 - February 24, 2009

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  1. I wonder what falls under “others”, who uses it, and how did they even find it. They should be called pioneers of the internet world for venturing out into the crazy world of “others”.

    • Interesting thought, Chris, hahaha. The main browser which has been categorized under “Others” is actually quite well known – Opera. It’s a fast open source, cross-platform browser which is becoming popular on mobile devices.

  2. Well, I see that my Firefox is up in the ranks….:)~ Never had any real problems, so I use it all the time. GO TEAM BLUE!!!

    • I used to be a huge Firefox user (and I still am for the developmental utilities/plugins), but I now use Google Chrome as my primary browser on my Windows computers. But I’m happy to see you using a modern browser, Brad! 🙂


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