BMW Z4 E85 NGK Spark Plug Change

Yesterday afternoon I decided to embark on a mini-project to spruce up my sole means of transportation – changing the spark plugs. I went over to the local auto store and purchased six NGK Iridium IX © spark plugs for $6.99 a piece. Dealerships (pronounced “stealer-ships” to gearheads) have been known to charge hundreds of dollars for this service, but I spent under $50 on some of the best plugs in the market and learned a skill in the process. 🙂

First I found my socket wrench set. I used the 10mm socket, spark plug (SP) socket, and various extenders throughout the project.

After removing the plastic engine coverings, I exposed the six spark plug coils and took care not to damage any of the wires feeding these units. I took this opportunity to wipe down the exposed surfaces and verify the wire integrity.

Then I removed the wire harness and wiggled out the plug coil (long, cylindrical structure) to expose the spark plug well. Using the SP socket, I unscrewed the plug and used a needle-nose plier to remove it from the engine housing. I placed the new spark plug and repeated the process in reverse. I secured the new plug with approximately 18 ft-lbs of torque. Each of the six plugs took 2-3 minutes to replace from start to finish.

Here are some other shots from the project:

Comparison of one of the old plugs with a new NGK Iridium IX ©
My makeshift garage workbench. 🙂
All six of the old spark plugs

To finish, I poured a bottle of my favorite fuel injector cleaner (SeaFoam ©) into the tank and called it a day. Let me know if you’d like detailed instructions about the process of changing plugs on the E85 Z4.

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