Halfway Done With Regional Anesthesia

I’m a little over halfway done with my regional anesthesia rotation and have accrued more neuraxial and peripheral nerve blocks than I could have ever imagined. There’s something incredibly gratifying about doing blocks one day, and seeing the pain relief it provides that evening… the next day… and the day after. I’ve definitely seen my skills improve in ultrasonography and neuraxial techniques, and hope to share these pearls with the junior residents when I’m a senior next year.

St. Luke’s Block Room

I never thought I would be so exhausted this rotation. I get home each day fulfilled but PHYSICALLY exhausted. It’s rare to have lunch before 2 PM… or even sit down before then. When I’m not doing blocks, I’m answering calls from the PACU or rounding on patients on the floor. Our pain nurses are absolutely incredible in facilitating the workflow and are going out of their way to treat me like a “real doctor” by having all the necessary supplies and medications prepared for each procedure.

I’m looking forward to having this weekend off to rest and catch up on some reading. Till then, MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU! Happy Star-Wars-Episode-7-Eve!

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