Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch

I recently upgraded my Moto 360 (first generation) smartwatch to Samsung’s Gear S3, and my goodness, what a crazy difference! My Moto 360 could barely get through half a day with only some of its (limited) features enabled due to horrible battery life. I’m able to get through a full workday in the ICU with all features enabled on the S3 and still have 60-70% battery capacity remaining!

The S3’s frame is made of stainless steel with military-grade durability and resistance against the elements (IP-68). It has built-in NFC (great with Samsung Pay), a microphone, and a speaker. I’ve been able to make phone calls and listen to music straight from my watch. 😀 Also, there’s a neat rotating steel bezel which serves as the primary means of app navigation.

Speaking of app navigation, S3 owners have a rich library of applications to choose from. I’ve been using Spotify, Uber (a must-have in Boston), and Flipboard heavily during the last week.

And then all the sensors!! The S3 comes with a barometer, gyro sensor, altimeter, ambient light sensor, accelerometer, and heart monitor so I can track my activity, calories burned, heart rate, water/caffeine intake, steps taken, flights of stairs climbed, sleep quality, speed, etc. 😯

The touch screen is beautiful and the watch itself actually looks like a watch. The circular form factor is what I loved about the Moto 360, and that has carried over to the S3 as well. I purchased a tempered glass screen coverlet and stainless steel band to complement the excellent hardware, and bam… I give you my new smartwatch for the foreseeable future:

Samsung Gear S3

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