Apple Watch Series 3

Earlier this week, I purchased an Apple Watch Series 3 (42 mm, silver) with Milanese loop band. The After transitioning away from Android, the Samsung Gear S3 I was using with my iPhone X simply did not have the compatibility and features I expected. Within a few days of using the Apple Watch, I’m already impressed with its interface and seamless integration with my iPhone X.

While it may lack a lot of the customization options inherent to Android Wear and Tizen, installing applications is a breeze and many of them (like Instagram and Uber) are remarkably well created for such a small form factor.

I’m also loving the Milanese loop. In my opinion, it gives the watch a more chic appearance and a durability unlike traditional leather straps or even solid metal bands. The sensors work great, and I just love how the entire line of Apple products I’m now using just work well together. 🙂

The watch’s true functionality (battery life, replying to messages, taking notes, Siri, etc.) will be tested heavily this weekend when I’m on call in the surgical ICU. 😆

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  1. Luz sapnu says

    Good for you doc.rish another collection of gadgets,what is the advantage of that Apple watch?beside of mention above.? I wish I can purchase jk

    Thanks for your post god bless..

    1. Rishi says

      It’s probably the most compatible smartwatch with my phone.

  2. Alison says

    Follow up post: favorite apps for the Apple Watch? I just bought one too, but struggling to maximize my use out of it.

    1. Rishi says

      Hey Alison! I’m still getting used to the iOS ecosystem, so I’ll be sure to write a post in the coming weeks with my app recommendations.