Apple Watch Series 3

Earlier this week, I purchased an Apple Watch Series 3 (42 mm, silver) with Milanese loop band. The After transitioning away from Android, the Samsung Gear S3 I was using with my iPhone X simply did not have the compatibility and features I expected. Within a few days of using the Apple Watch, I’m already impressed with its interface and seamless integration with my iPhone X.

Apple Watch Series 3

While it may lack a lot of the customization options inherent to Android Wear and Tizen, installing applications is a breeze and many of them (like Instagram and Uber) are remarkably well created for such a small form factor.

I’m also loving the Milanese loop. In my opinion, it gives the watch a more chic appearance and a durability unlike traditional leather straps or even solid metal bands. The sensors work great, and I just love how the entire line of Apple products I’m now using just work well together. 🙂

The watch’s true functionality (battery life, replying to messages, taking notes, Siri, etc.) will be tested heavily this weekend when I’m on call in the surgical ICU. 😆

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  1. Good for you doc.rish another collection of gadgets,what is the advantage of that Apple watch?beside of mention above.? I wish I can purchase jk

    Thanks for your post god bless..


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