Ziku Z10 Charging Stand For Apple Airpods, iPhone, And Watch

I received the Ziku Z10 charging stand yesterday afternoon, assembled it in about 10 minutes, and think it was a solid ~$40 spent on Amazon Prime!

The Z10 has a sturdy, stainless steel construction with simple cable management and a chic appearance. Honestly there’s not much to “review” with a charging stand except that it gets the job done! What I especially love is how the Apple Watch wraps around a central core. My Milanese loop band sometimes made it difficult to place the charger behind the screen (the charger would get stuck to the magnetic band), but this eliminates that problem.

Now I’m able to charge my iPhone, Apple Watch, and Airpods simultaneously with minimal desk real estate. 🙂

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  1. Hey Rishi. I hope you’re feeling better, and having a good week. Stomach bug here; no fun☹️ Wish I had some Phenergan Gel. Decided to pop the Vials, and rub the med on my wrists. Taking chemo for 5+’years, my butt is over those shots. They hurt really bad, and are so corrosive to the tissue. A RNP pal told me to try it. Much better then going and getting an IV. Thanks for the heads up. I ordered a Ziku Z10 a minute ago. Can’t wait to get it. It’ll make my life so much easier??I hope you’re studying is going well?

    • I hope you feel better Sharon! And I hope you enjoy the product! I promise I’m not getting a cut, lol, I just like writing about the things I use. 🙂

  2. Who do u think discover that amazing and helpful high-tech zicu z10 charging stand I’m just curious about it haha.so genius ,and where it’s made ?

    Thank you dr.rish for this post I was anxiously how human discover more technology in this earth.

    Be blessed


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