Anker PowerCore+ 20100 USB-C

I always thought it was easier to carry around one AC adapter compatible with all of one’s devices (ie, USB type C) and charge devices at work, at home, or in a coffee shop rather than carrying around a battery pack AND extra cables. Then I moved to Boston.

There have been many days where I walked 7-10 miles exploring the city while browsing the Internet, snapping/editing photos, using GPS, replying back to comments and/or posting on social media, mobile gaming, video chatting, streaming music to my bluetooth headphones, and also streaming notifications to my smartwatch. It wasn’t practical for me to stop everything just to find a place to charge my devices.

I recently purchased Anker’s PowerCore+ 20100 USB-C edition for ~$70 off of Amazon. This battery pack is approximately one pound and comes with a carrying sleeve as well as USB type C to USB type C, USB type A to USB type C, and USB type A to micro USB cables.

Here’s the PowerCore at work simultaneously charging my three of the devices I use every single day.

The battery pack has a very large capacity and measures to optimize safety, charging rate, and battery stability. So far, its been a great investment!

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