Looking Back At 2017

2017 was another great year in my training. I moved to a new city for the first time, completed 50% of my critical care fellowship, turned 30 years old, and am still going strong! It was also the first year where I regularly started writing lessons, doing Instagram Live teaching sessions, and sharing my love of teaching with the public domain utilizing social media. Your feedback and comments continue to drive me to pursue this interest! 🙂

The following table represents some basic statistics. The numbers in parentheses are percent changes in comparison to the preceding year.

RK.md Post Count94124151
RK.md Post Word Count19,07527,59237,911
RK.md Comment Count130170254
Twitter Followers1,8752,2922,508
Facebook Followers4892237
Instagram Followers4941,22518,229




Pretty significant changes in terms of user metrics on this site too!


Here’s a rundown of the plugins I currently use on RK.md running on WordPress 4.9.1.

Compare this to my list from last year. I also optimize all of my images using ImageOptim and JPEGMini Pro before uploading them to my server. I’m actually pretty happy with this set of plugins in terms of balancing functionality, security, and optimization. 🙂


2018 will be a challenging year – I’ll be taking my anesthesiology oral boards in March, transitioning to my cardiothoracic anesthesiology fellowship in July, and taking my critical care boards in October. I hope to continue making the most of my time here in Boston to further myself as a perioperative physician and academician. Stay tuned for more of my journey. I cannot thank you all for so many thoughtful words of thanks, reassurance, recommendations, and questions via direct message, comments, and emails!

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    • I don’t even know what I would recommend, lol. I’ve read a lot of things from Vitamin C in sepsis to the new studies on angiotensin II (recently approved by the FDA in the USA). I routinely Google landmark articles in critical care, cardiology, and other disciplines during my free time. 🙂

  1. Sorry, this question is not related to your post but I have a question on intubation. After the tongue sweep w/ the Mac3 blade, do you advance the blade into the vallecula and then lift the blade or am I supposed to simultaneously lift and advance the blade into the vallecuela. What I have been doing is the former but to get into the vallecula, at times I feel like I have to rock/tilt my left hand back a little bit which I know is wrong and then lift.

    Thanks and Happy Holidays

    • Hey Peter! Happy New Year! I usually advance the blade into the vallecula and then lift upwards and outwards. Sometimes you need to GENTLY wiggle the blade into the vallecula with this same maneuver to improve your view and then lift up… hard. It’s like balancing a bowling bowl on the tip of the laryngoscope in some patients.


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