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WordPress PHP Shortcodes For Yearly Post And Comment Counts

I wanted an easy way to calculate some end-of-year stats, so I put together a two shortcodes which query the WordPress SQL...

Google TP-Link OnHub Router

Since my mom uses only Apple products (iPhone, iPad, Mac Mini), I'm moving my Apple networking hardware to my parents' house and upgraded to a new...

410 Entire Directory With .htaccess

Due to an oversight with folder permissions, I was recently the victim of a massive spam attack. I fixed the problem by issuing a...

RK.md’s 2016 Design

I wanted to catalog some changes I made throughout the year of 2016 on RK.md. My objectives were:Creation and utilization of negative space while...

First Impressions of Google’s Pixel Smartphone – Upgrading From Nexus 6P

Even a year later, the Nexus 6P is still a superb smartphone. It was the first Nexus device with a camera worthy of competing with...


I'm a double board certified adult cardiothoracic anesthesiologist and intensivist looking to improve medical education, diagnostics, and patient safety while promoting team-based, patient-centered care.