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Ridicule Among Residents

Having completed nearly two years of residency, it’s clear that residents from different fields who are constantly relying on each other will often find ways to ridicule each other as well. This is just the nature of medicine. We’re all busy. We’re all intelligent. We’re trying to manage patients, orders, …

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AppTips – Be Wary of Easy Internships for Residency

For those who are doing a transitional or preliminary year prior to residency training, an easy intern year seems incredibly appealing. Having gone through the interview trail, I noted that some programs sold their intern year based on how cush it was – great hours, small patient load, moonlighting opportunities, …

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ACGME Guidelines for Interns

This morning over breakfast, I discussed the new ACGME guidelines with the ENT resident I’m researching with. Beginning in July, these new provisions will affect all first year residents namely on two fronts – interns won’t be allowed to work shifts in excess of sixteen consecutive hours and an attending …

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